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Mo Mär 21 14:34:51 CET 2022

Fr, 25.03.2022, 21:00 Uhrsonopol #21: Dong Zhou / Grodock[image: sonopol
#21: Dong Zhou / Grodock]

Dong Zhou (she/ they) is a composer, multimedia artist and performer based
in Hamburg. In this concert she will bring three pieces in very different
style: one for "Found Violin", a group of sound objects including a violin;
one for violin, voice and electronics; and one for Otamatone and Nintendo
2DS. Https://dongzhou.live <https://dongzhou.live/> Grodock is David
Leutkart's noise/ambient project, which has been in existence since 2009.
He releases his sounds, ranging from bulky and brute to harmonic and flat,
alongside other artists on his label Grubenwehr Freiburg. To create sounds,
he works with synthesizers, a sine wave generator, field recordings and
contact microphones. besides his solo performances, he has improvised in
the past as Grodock for example together with: Graham Dunning (record
player), Rostiges Riesenrad, Sascha Brosamer (both live-electronics) or
Simone Weißenfels (piano). https://grubenwehrfreiburg.bandcamp.com Picture:
Dong Zhou Kindly supported by VaMH

*Eintritt:* 5 €

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