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Mi Mai 13 16:59:30 CEST 2015

HÖRBAR www.hoerbar-ev.de
Konzert im Mai:
                        Am Freitag den 29.05.2015
           Einlass wie immer um 21:Uhr Brigittenstraße 5 Hinterhof

*Slow Slow Loris is an experimental/avant-garde noise-music duo based 
in Berlin, Germany; a collaboration of *ANY 
<https://soundcloud.com/angelanina>*and *G6PD 
<https://soundcloud.com/g6pd>*. Using voice and electronic devices, they 
reveal the melody within the discord.*

    “As a music box descends its pitch and a voice invokes the unknown,
    a spell settles over the audience. A gentle thumb piano becomes
    haunting as various effect chains send and release their mutation
    and a broken cymbal provides a steady, precise un-rhythm.  Samples
    enter and confuse while the voice clarifies and interrupts. Their
    epic, sweeping live performance uses vocal melodies, samples,
    various instruments, live looping and multiple pedal chains to coax
    the music out of the noise. Like wanting to protect an endangered
    species, they enter raw emotional imagination to give the nuances of
    one’s subconscious permission to come forth…With their sensitive
    blend of raw meeting craft and music meeting noise, they reach a
    wide range of audiences and venues from clubs and festival stages to
    concert halls and art galleries.”

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