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Fr Jan 4 18:49:59 CET 2013


verein zur förderung experimenteller musik

brigittenstraße 5 (im b-movie)

20359 hamburg

tel : 040 / 430 58 67

(mittwochs 20-1 uhr)


Das Programm im Februar

*Am Freitag, den 22.02.2013 *wird es in der Hörbar zwei wunderschöne
Konzerte geben.

Der Einlass ist wie immer um 21.00 h.

Zudem freuen wir uns auf das *Stark Bewölkt Konzert *am* Mittwoch, den 20.02

Alexei Borisov

Making music on the fringe since the underground movement ignited in Russia
in the beginning 1980s, Alexei Borisov has developed an impressively
diverse body of work as a member of NIGHT PROSPEKT, F.R.U.I.T.S. and VOLGA,
among many other projects.




* *

* *

*The LYM*

* *

LYM is a audio-graphical art experience created and performed by Yukao
Nagemi (computer scientist and graphical artist) and Lola Ajima
(soundartist and musician).

LYM is different from normal audio-visual experiences because of the
unique, postmodernistic tool for live drawing developed by Yukao Nagemi
that makes LYM an original audio-visual live experience, where the graphist
and the musician plays together live with the same playful and free
approach to composition and improvisation.

The two audio-graphical projects we would like to present is the 30 minutes
long project 'NINE (9)' (see this link for more details
http://lolaandyukaomeet.com/media/LYMapp.pdf ) and our most recent
composition the 20 minutes long project 'City walk #1' . This composition
is the audio-graphical expression of a walk in the Northern part of Paris
while the sun is setting, based on an urban recording augmented with
entangled lines of thoughts, moods, and imaginations inspired by the
emotional sonic atmosphere.

You will find all the descriptive material and rider on our website


The trailer video for NINE (9) (4 minutes) can be accessed here on Vimeo:


and the whole performance for NINE (9) is documented on this video (30


* *

* *

* *
Mi. 20.02.13

*Stark Bewölkt: *

Wade Matthews (Madrid), Digital Synthesis & Field Recordings


Stark Bewölkt Quartett:

Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, objects, speakers

Heiner Metzger, soundtable

Michael Maierhof, cello

Gregory Büttner, computer, objects, loudspeakers

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