meta at meta at
Don Jan 24 01:10:01 CET 2002

nothing between screen and mind. attention is easily transfixed.

the forest sways in the digital wind, each leaf individually rendered.

a wristwatch alarm, a cellphone ringing, interpreted as synthesized birdsong. 

an artificial ecosystem of digital devices, slowly interconnecting.
an artificial womb.

aroma before taste. image before reality.

image before the cellular intelligence driving the body, 
infinite in its capacity. 

we need not have any fears about its wisdom or its ability
to restore the one-fourth of american crops, which were genetically
engineered to the highest-possible level of health and well being in 1999.

engineered to predict their enviroment rather than react to it.
the physical world is full of uncertainty.

why search for life when you can create it ? 

programmed to simulate the explosion of a nuclear bomb, 
the beautiful creation... misfiring.

technologies of command and control, so well-swirled into the cultural ether 
that to miss it would be to miss out on something monumental, 
no matter how bad for you it may be.

re-inventing the optic nerve, the inevitable step.

re-inventing the creative process, freeing your imagination.

this while human cloning begins. the division. the first light.

multiplied into 100 billion working parts, none of which are in charge, 
none of which understand the existence of the other 100 billion parts. 
working in concert, self-organizing.

forming an artificial aperture - the pupil fixating on content unworthy 
of the attention it compels. disembodied.

scientific and technological evolution combined with branding will
create a blemish-free, pain-free, shiny, sanitized world - one in which
the sometime ugliness of human reality will be excluded for fear of
upsetting the codes.

all of this fueled by the desire for a lifestyle object. 

something into which to put your entire life, 
like the sound of the ocean within a seashell.

a connection failure has occured.